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Sunday, 27 July 2014

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If any random guy hears the word “Unilag Girls”, he will think of them as one set of classy, posh chics in the first choice university. Well, that’s a big shocker lie because what they do is package. Am going to reveal 5 things you probably never took into consideration while thinking of this school chics.

1. Party!!!!!!!!- Incase you don’t know, Unilag girls can party like that’s one of their courses they need to have a first class in. The funniest part is they attend parties they don’t even have prior knowledge of. Imagine getting to know about a party 5min to it, Unilag girls will turn up. That’s why all parties that involve Unilag babes are always ladies free. The part that annoys me is that they will go to a party holding no purse or money and they still survive. How they do I’m yet to figure out. Apart from saying Unilag girls, you can say party girls. Yea! that’s Unilag girls for you Follow Us 

2. Use of Bum-short: Owning of this attire is top priority. Every Unilag girl has a bum-short even my Muslim folks no dey carry last. If am lying, drop a comment and I will proof to you because this is an indisputable fact. You can ask the organizers of ASAP why he customized a bum-short with ASAP written on it. Even freshers within 2 weeks of resumption will quickly adapt to the bum short trend. Since yaba is just a stone throw. Two things you need to know about the bum short trend is that (i) they are mostly black or deep of any colour (ii) an average Unilag girl washes her bum-short after a week buh makama girls ehn ehn *lipsealed* 

3. Well this no 3 might not be on point but trust me, it’s so so true. BUYING OF CHICKEN and CHIPS without KETCHUP. Some girls don’t even know it’s ketchup. You will see them saying “pls don’t add the red thing” that’s why it’s optional. The tush ones will collect everything but remove once they get to their hostel. 

4. “pls let my friends know I went out with a rich guy” – Yea, that’s the secret code we girls use (lol am unisex) Well they won’t say it directly. They will just ask you to buy something for them, even if you buy somthing they can eat immediately, they won’t eat it oh. Their friends needs to see the little things you do for her everyday. I even heard it’s somewhat like a competition now between girls to show which bf is really rich. 

5. Famzing/Borrow Borrow/Bragging – OMG unilag girls can brag of an empty account that will get deactivated if money aint deposited inside. Their purse carries more than one ATM, expired and existing ones. They can famz ordinary #50 wristband, a dude snapback , Ozone toilet mirror and even GT bank chair. If you’ve never famz one toilet mirror before drop a comment *yinmu* Oya ease up and free your veins. It’s the truth, never meant any harm…


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