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Saturday, 22 March 2014

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On yesterday's episode of Jim Iyke's reality show, Jim Iyke Unscripted, the actor proposed marriage to his girlfriend, actress Nadia Buari. He later said the ring he presented to her was a 6-carat diamond ring he designed himself and made in different countries.

After the episode aired and the news broke, fans congratulated Nadia on her new status as Jim Iyke's fiancee, but her tweets a few hours ago suggests there's more going on.

Remember when Jim's other girlfriend, Jamaican Kentura Hamilton said she was used on Jim's reality show and she wasn't really how she was portrayed and a lot of things they did in the show together was staged? Well, Nadia is singing a similar tune...or maybe I'm just reading too much meaning into what she wrote...check on her tweets after the cut and tell us what you think...

1 comment:

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