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Saturday, 22 March 2014

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Nigerian adult movies star, Afrocandy, has revealed that she would need to medically have her bo’obs reduced for health related reasons.
According to her, the brea’st reduction surgery is necessary because the large size of her bo’obs and it’s resulting heaviness is causing her a lot of back pain.
Speaking to Saturday Tribune, Afrocandy added that it was a necessary move as adviced by her doctor.
“I have been having back pain lately, and when I went to my doctor for that, he said I was carrying load on my chest; that’s what’s causing it.
“Also, I can’t jog, run, jump rope or dance as I would like to without being conscious of the bouncing bo’obies. So,
“I wanna be able to do all that and be pain-free, that’s why I need this surgery; she explained.


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