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Friday, 20 December 2013

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Found this interesting story on 411vibes. They claimed they received the piece through mail! Very interesting…am sure some people will wank to this! Read on…

My name is Q, i’ve just recently finished my NYSC from one of the states in the southwest. I’ve decided to share one of my sexual escapade with one hot girl, her name Monica – we met while i was going to visit my friends who were lucky to be serving in Ibadan during our service year, we sat side-by-side in the bus and we got talking and i discovered that she was a student at the University of Ibadan this was before the strike.

I tried to invite for the party that brought me to Ibadan but she didn’t bulge but we exchanged contacts. We started chatting on Whatsapp and she will talk about her boyfriend every time i tried to ask her out or ask her to come and spend the weekend cause we had become close that we do sex chat and all.

I knew she was feeling me but her stupid boyfriend won’t let her see me but we kept chatting till ASUU strike brought her back to Lagos, she stays in Ogba with her dad and sister. On this faithful day she sent me a message that she was bored at home cause she was home alone and her sister was in camp and she asked if i could help her get MTN recharge card cause she was too tired and she needed to call her mum in the UK, i was reluctant as first and later i gave her a condition that she agreed to. Told her i was only going to get her the recharge card if she let me bring it to her house since she was home alone…

To cut the long story short, I called her that i was at her gate and she let me in and damn she was putting on a bump short and a tommy showing tank top, her father’s house was on point. Only you in this house i asked, and she said yes, this is where i live and you can see why i always say am bored when we chat cause all i do is watch TV. Where is my card? She asked, I gave her the recharge card and she loaded it went to make the phone call in her room. We chatted for a while about the music videos on Soundcity and the hot vixen while we were chatting all i could think of was how i could get to remove that top and begin to suck to those big melons looking breast, she looked really sexy i needed to make the right moves and no room for mistake, i was so motivated, if i was this motivated back in my University days i would have graduated with a first class. Finally, KCee’s pull over was showing and i decided to show her my dancing skills while using style to invite her to dance with me, i tried to convince my prick not to rise but it won’t listen but thank God for the jeans i was able to hide it, when she finally decided to join me we danced for the remaining two minutes of the song, she turned and rubbed her yansh on me, i’m sure she could feel that i was hard cause she decided not to stop rubbing it on me. As soon as i noticed the song was finishing i just began to whisper sweet things in her ear, how beautiful she was and how well i would treat her if she was mine and all. I turned her around and she was blushing, I can sense she was horny so i just went for the kiss and she responded and low and behold before i knew it i was removing the her top and uncliping her bra, Sorry i forgot to describe Monica to you guys, she is tall, light skinned from head to toe not the bleached type of light skin the natural one, what we call Yellow pawpaw, well breasted something like Mercy Johnson and her yansh is something like a soft calabash well shaped – she is like Omotola Jalade’s younger sister with her shape and body
Back to the story – i was kissing her and unclipping her bra with my chest glued to her chest, i brought her bra stripes and began to suck her nipple while caressing the other, this time she was lying on her their 3-seater, i was kissing her neck and softly biting her ear she began to moan slightly that was when i knew i was going to bang her. I’ve banged Monica so many times in my head and its was actually happening. I was squeezing and caressing her boobs softly and i felt her hand on my prick, i was going to moan load but i had to control myself not to spoil the mood, i was sucking her left boob and unclipped and unzipped her bum short, she was shaking her bum from side to side so i could remove the bumshort on time. I brought down her black panties with the bumshort and she was all wet and her pucci looked like a fresh mango, i just had to spread her leg and eat her pucci alive she moaned loud at the first bite. I continued sucking her fragrance has a caramel smell and i kept sucking and squeezing her big breast while she continued to moan, my prick was so strong i could feel it almost tearing my jeans. Immediately i noticed her pucci juice were beginning to seriously gosh out i stopped sucking, took off my jeans and brought out my huggie and i told her to suck me, it was as if i had spelled her as she just pushed me on one of the chairs in the sitting room and she sucked me the hell out of me. I moaned sweetly as erotic pleasures flow through my viens. The way she played with my prick with her tongue and sucked me like a hungry little girl given a cone ice cream, i was cuming in her mouth and she didn’t mind. My dreams of banging Monica are coming true as i passionately rub her hair while twisting on the chair.

The way i ate her pucci really brought out the bad girl in her as she stopped sucking my dick after i have cummed all the sperm in my body. That was awesome hun, i said in a dying but happy voice. Monica stood and i saw eden, whoa! you look beautiful i said when she noticed that i was staring at her body still not believing that was living the dream. I stood up and kissed her more passionately the she knew i wanted to bang her. She held the handle of one the chair and bent her body, i was about to slot in my prick when she asked if i had condoms – For Monica’s pucci i didn’t mind just slotting my bare prick in her pucci afterall i just finished sucking it but she might not agree but with the she just pleasured my huge prick am sure she wouldn’t mind too. I rushed to my wallet and picked out my condom, i wore it and didn’t know if i should tear down that pucci or make love to her. I began to gently bang her while she worked her big backside with my prick – 7th haven, pleasure, lustful body, i wanna die here were all the mixed feeling i was having. We doggy-ed for a few minute and i took her back to the three seater spread her leg and rocked her pucci, she was moaning and screaming my name – “Q, oh Q, Yes Q”. She had cum and i wasn’t satisfied i didn’t wanna cum for christ sake we are talking about Monica’s pucci here. I banged her fast, came and she didn’t even want me to stand up it was as if i had drugged up, all the alomo i had taken had decided to work for me.

I stood up and she laid there smiling and i could swear, She was singing Drake – Best I Ever Had in her head… I drank the water she offered me while we chatted earlier and asked for her bathroom, she managed to describe it… Lazy girl, i made jest of her while walking to her bathroom to clean up. Walking around her father’s housenaked was just some king shiii. I cleaned up and walked back to the sitting room. She was sitted and had picked up her clothes and mine too. She excused herself saying she wanted to go and have her bath. I was already in my boxers when something told me to go and meet her in her bathroom. She was washing her punani and her sexy goddess body with soap while i peeped, my prick raised again and i knew i had to bang her again, i made her aware that i was in her room – played the nakedman on her and the nakedman never fails, She said Q what do you want again, i’m tired. I said my body is still longing for you put her hand on my dick and kissed her neck that’s her g-spot, and went ahead to kiss her lips. Was kissing her and moving her to her bed. Immediately we got on her bed i removed her short towel and sucked her breast like it was the first time, now i am sure i wasn’t satisfied. I spread her leg wild and slot my prick in her this time no condoms, yea this feels like home. This is pucci, i banged her like i was contracted to tear down her vagina walls. She moaned louder and she was feeling my rod. It had to be that we both don’t enjoy condoms so she really sabi bang like this i thought to myself. Pounding her heavily even when i phone rang in the sitting room, the pleasure i was giving her was too much to be disrupted by an ordinary phone call. 20 minutes and i still wasn’t cumming, Q do you want to kill me – she said, lemme stand up, i asked she said no, Wheel Barrow, One leg up, Doggy, name it – i was in charge now and banging. We were both twisting, it was just like my prick was meant for her she just understood how to bang. She got tired and just lay there and i knew i had to cum so i began to make love to her and i cummed in and on her pucci. She just laid there like my rod was going to kill her but she didn’t care.
I went into her bathroom, had my bath, came out she was still lying down. I dressed up, kissed her and left her house. That was how i banged Monica in her father’s house. Thank you ASUU for the opportunity, if not for the strike i won’t have had the opportunity to bang Monica.


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